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A Hero for a Better World

On August 28, 2023, a dedicated group of 22 individuals from Coraza came together at the Eden Centre with a shared mission of helping to sort recyclables at the Eden Handicap Service Centre Bhd. With guidance from our Environmental Officer and the support of our CSR Chairperson, this initiative embraced the theme, “Coraza: A Hero for a Better World.” The campaign’s impact reached far and wide in Coraza, resulting in the collection of 7 large cages filled with various materials, like plastics, paper, aluminium, and e-waste. 

Our commitment extended beyond sorting recyclables as we also donated Wishlist items such as milk, coffee, biscuits, Milo, and even a water heater. As we reflect on this experience, we’re reminded of the positive changes that could be achieved together. Our journey towards a better world continues, and we eagerly anticipate future opportunities for collective impact.