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Coraza 9 Sides Soccer Tournament (2022)

Coraza CSR Committee organized Coraza 9 Sides Soccer Tournament 2022 on 15 May 2022. All of them were excited as it has been some time since they had an outdoor sporting event since the pandemic. The weather was also ideal for the soccer event. By hosting sports event as such, we were able to boost our employee’s retention by building a sense of community and to increase morale among Coraza’s employees. This event that was organised outside the formal construct of the office enabled the employees participating in this event to forge a personal rapport among. The players were speaking comfortably with each other though some of them has barely spoken a word to each other, prior to the event being held. Players were also able to build strong relationships with each other as they learn to work together with their peers to achieve their common goal. On top of it, soccer is an event that teaches to follow commands and take direction. Players are forced to respond intuitively to changes in the game and on the field which helps to foster a high level of trust, respect and understanding. This provides the players with opportunity to demonstrate leadership on top of boosting their self-confidence.