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Coraza visits to Orphanage home

Coraza visited an orphanage home in Bukit Mertajam on 15 April 2022 for Raya festive. We met with the children and interacted with them. All SOP as per MKN and KKM guidelines were always adhered strictly. The children were excited when we visited them as they love socialising with people. Most of the kids here are curious, optimistic and energetic. They were well interactive and welcomed us with open hands. We enjoyed listening to all their stories as well as speaking to them. We did not even notice how fast the time has passed as we were enjoying our time there interacting with them. Since it was during the fasting month, we were not able to dine in with them. As such, we were only able to treat them KFC for them to break their fast for Iftar. At the end of the event, the children were given “Duit Raya” packet.